About Kinēsis

Kinēsis helps our clients develop and reinforce more profitable service strategies through the intelligent use of customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping linked with training and incentive programs.  Our profit-based approach focuses on promoting and reinforcing positive and measurable changes in customer behaviors, leading to greater retention and revenue.

Real time, granular intelligence on specific customer interactions.

The word “Kinesis” is Greek in origin and means both “motion or change” and, in the philosophy of Aristotle, “the actualization of potential.”  Our name reflects our belief that while the business world and realm of customer expectations are always changing, effective management of the customer experience will enable clients to make the most of each customer relationship.


Research has determined the business attribute with the highest correlation to profitability is customer loyalty. Customer loyalty lowers sales and acquisition costs per customer by amortizing these costs across a longer lifetime – leading to some extraordinary financial results. Depending on the industry, a small increase in customer loyalty (5%) translates into a 25% - 85% increase in profits.