Grocery Mystery Shopping &

Customer Satisfaction Research

Kinēsis’ suite of mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research programs for grocers are designed to help grocers understand and take advantage of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Identifying service attributes that drive loyalty.

The business attribute with the highest correlation to profitability is customer loyalty. The likelihood that a customer would recommend a store to a friend, relative or colleague is an excellent measure of customer loyalty. According to a recent IBM study:

  • Promoters spend more on groceries than detractors – they are 14% more likely to spend more than $100 per week than detractors.
  • Promoters are more loyal – they are 19% more likely to purchase the majority of groceries from their primary grocer.

In the same study, the in-store experience played a significant role in customers describing themselves as loyal promoters.


Grocery Mystery Shopping Objectives

Research objectives are customized to each client; broadly many of our core research objectives include:

  • Align brand standards with customer expectations.
  • Align employee behaviors with brand standards.
  • Prioritize investments in service behaviors by identifying those with the strongest influence on loyalty and return intent.
  • Alert management to instances of extremely good as well as extremely poor customer experiences.
  • Motivate a consistent customer experience over time.
  • Obtain actionable information to improve the customer experience.
  • Benchmark the customer experience against the competition.
  • Identify top service performers who can be used as leaders or role models.

The performance of the individual employees weighs heavily on grocery customer loyalty. Kinēsis’ research into service attributes that drive grocery customer loyalty determined that:

Eight of the 12 attributes measured are directly related to employee behaviors.

Mystery shopping is an excellent tool to both measure and motivate employee behaviors which drive customer loyalty. For a more detailed description of this research, visit the following blog post:

It's the People: Keys to Customer Loyalty in the Grocery Customer Experience



What service behaviors drive customer loyalty?

The business attribute with the highest correlation to profitability is customer loyalty. Loyalty reduces sales and acquisition costs by amortizing these costs across a customer longer lifetime – leading to extraordinary financial results. However, the question remains, what service behaviors drive customer loyalty?