Kinēsis delivers customized information that can inform and guide your sales or service operation.  This guidance is the result of a process that begins with questions. If you are like most Kinēsis clients, you need immediate answers to challenging market research questions.

We provide specific intelligence to align the customer experience with the brand promise.

Below are some of the questions our clients ask themselves and the solutions we provide. How many of the questions below relate to your sales/service operation?


When Our Clients Want to Know…

We Help Them…

Generally speaking, how satisfied are our customers? Determine the level of customer satisfaction and provide a reference point for other satisfaction-based analysis.
Which key factors drive satisfaction among our customers? Identify which service attributes drive satisfaction and which investments yield the greatest improvement in customer satisfaction.
How can we identify causes of customer dissatisfaction? Identify moments of truth where the danger of customer attrition is highest.
How can we measure customer satisfaction over time? Track changes in customer satisfaction over time.

Determine if changes in satisfaction are significant.
Which business processes can most improve customer satisfaction and increase our financial returns? Link key service attributes to specific business processes.

Identify which processes maximize ROI.
How can we measure the relationships between customer satisfaction, profitability and purchase or retention behavior? Identify the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer behaviors such as retention, purchase behavior, and likelihood of referral, which drive profitability.
How can we evaluate our customers' referral activity? Conduct loyalty-based customer satisfaction analysis, using net promoters and customer advocacy as a measurement for customer loyalty.
How can we measure the value of our customers' purchasing behavior? Determine the relationship between customer satisfaction and purchase behavior.

Identify the ROI of satisfaction-based management.

Make a financial case to all stakeholders (management, employees and shareholders) that the customer experience affects financial performance.
How can we identify changes in our customers' purchasing or referral behaviors over time? Continue to track the relationship between satisfaction and purchase behavior.

Analyze satisfaction by customer segments and the financial value of each individual segment.
How well do our employees meet our service standards? Align shopping programs with company service standards.
How well do our standards meet the service expectations of our customers? Align company standards with customer expectations.
How can we coach or motivate employees to meet service standards? Align employees with service standards.
How have customers' experiences with our company's service changed over time? Track improvement and maintain a consistent customer experience over time.
How does customers' experience with retail service influence their intention to make a purchase? Identify service standards and behaviors that will drive purchase behaviors and maximize ROI of the customer experience.

Use the customer experience as a driver of profitability.
What causes our customers to have positive or negative shopping experiences? Obtain actionable information to improve the customer experience.
How well does our customer service compare to that of competitors throughout our industry? Benchmark their customer service against the competition.
Which employees and sales operations provide the best service? Generate the most revenue? Identify leaders or role models within their service organization.

Make strategic decisions about resource allocation.
Would these employees and operations be effective role models? How would we know? Position top performers as role models and use their experience throughout the organization.
What combination of training, compensation or other investment results in the largest increases in per-employee revenue? Manage the customer experience from a global context to maximize ROI.


You probably noticed that each question is answered not by data but by a business process, which can be improved. We work with you to identify research objectives most important to your company. Then, we use our extensive technical resources, proprietary analytical methods, and years of consulting experience to help you identify the service strategies most likely to meet those objectives. Finally, we report the information that can help you develop and reinforce the service strategies that maximize your organization’s revenue potential.



An integrated service strategy must reinforce and sustain the brand message. Providing actionable data, training and knowledge reinforcement. Aligning recognition, rewards and incentives with customer satisfaction and service quality data.